What is Website Authority?

What Does Website Authority Mean?

by Tony B. Lumpkin III on November 11, 2011

The term website authority is used to describe the trust-worthiness of the information offered by websites. Websites with authority are trusted more by users. The reasons for building the authority of your company’s website should be obvious.

The main benefits of Website authority

Establishing your website authority within your niche has many advantages.

1) Increase in Customer loyalty

Loyalty of your visitors is key to the long term success of your company. Authority websites provide users with valuable information. Users tend to revisit the site again in future as opposed to searching again for sites that offer information on a particular topic.

2) Branding

When your company’s website establishes itself as an authority within its field, it will have a positive impact on how your company’s brand is perceived by other users and businesses. One of the main reasons why it is common for company websites to also offer a range of information and resources on topics related to the industry it operates in. Quality content covering topics related to your industry is the foundation for establishing website authority.

3) Authority websites are also trusted more by search engines

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of establishing website authority is because search engines like Google favour authority sites in search results. Search engine trust the information and consider it to be of high value. As a result authority websites tend to rank favorably on search engines above other results.

4) Stability

Even though search engine rankings can fluctuate, search engine traffic is more stable than traffic from other sources such as banner marketing, pay per click or even social media. Websites with high authority will continue to receive traffic from search engines for many years to come as they are considered trustworthy sources of information by search engines.

5) Authority websites are trusted more by users

As most people know, there is a lot of information on the internet however there is no standard method to validate the information found on a site. Users tend to trust the information found on authority websites and often turn to them in order to find information on specific topics.

6) Viral effect on link building and promotion

Websites with authority are often quoted and referenced by others. Although it can take time to establish website authority, there is a viral effect on promotion of your business and back links further. Authority websites attract more and more inbound links from other topical or industry related sites. As long as content is added on a regular basis, the website will continue to maintain its authority.


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